Getting Started With Trains

Model Railroading is an amazing hobby offering so many ways to enjoy it.  From just running trains to creating miniature empires.  There is no right or wrong, too small or too large a project. At Joe's we have trains to fit every need.  From the smallest of trains (Z Scale) to the Garden Railroads (G Gauge) that adorn backyards and places like the Morris Arboretum in Germantown, you can pick your size/scale, particular railroad or type of train to suit your every whim, want, or need.  Just ask us for help!  And while we can go on and explain more here, why not download and read the booklet from the Worlds Greatest Hobby organization.  It is filled with all the information you need to help you pick the perfect size and type of trains for your perfect model railroad.  Visit the store and talk to our train exterts.  We will get you going on the right track.