Philly Trains

Philadelphia has an amazing rich history with the railroads.  If you have ever played the game of Monopoly? You already know three of the railroads lines that came to Philadelphia daily.  The Pensylvania Railroad, The Reading Company, and The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.  But, these were not the only railorads in the Delaware Valley. From the Wilmington and Western Railroad, to the Jersey Central and numerous other small railroads that internchanged and served various areas, there are now over 30!

Grand passenger terminals proclaimed Philadelphia a major destination from all over the country.  Today some of these are still standing and in operation; for example 30th Street Station and North Philadelphia Station.  Other grand passenger terminals are no longer in existance but at one time were huge busy interchanges for passengers traveling to and from Philadelphia.  From the predesessor of 30th street station, From the Broad Street Station (with it's Chinese wall still standing under John F. Kennedy Boulevard)  to the Reading Terminal (now the grand hall for the Pennsylvania Convention Center), Philadelphia sure had its share of grand passenger terminals.

These railroads were a large part of the industrial revolution and an integral part of this Country's history and development.